Bothasig Hall Floor Plan

The layout of the Bothasig Hall has been expertly designed to mirror the refined atmosphere of the Theo Marais Hall in Milnerton, creating a sophisticated setting that can accommodate up to 200 guests.

Tables are arranged around the expansive dance floor, ranging from cozy 6-seaters to larger tables that can comfortably accommodate 10 or more guests.

We’re delighted to offer a VIP area for exclusive, intimate events such as birthdays, corporate events, staff parties, wedding receptions, and anniversary celebrations.

Our playlist is carefully curated for each event, and we’re always happy to take song requests online via QR code or in person throughout the event. We appreciate all song requests, but please understand that we may not be able to play every request due to time constraints.

While we do not have bar facilities available, you’re welcome to bring your own refreshments and snacks to enjoy throughout the evening. Additionally, food vendors are often on-site and available for those in search of quick bites during the festivities.