The Gat Party Milnerton is a newly-established dance venue that offers a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for individuals who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex and Asexual (LGBTIA). At our establishment, patrons are encouraged to bring their own refreshments, ice and snacks, as no cash bar is provided. We offer a diverse range of music genres including 80’s to present music, country music, and sokkie (Afrikaans langarm) songs that are sure to keep you on the dance floor. The Gat Party Milnerton extends a warm invitation to all LGBTIA friendly individuals seeking a fun and accepting night out.

Q: Where dit the name Gat Party Originated from?

A: The first such party was held in a former quarry at the old Parrow Athletic Club.

The Quarry was referred to as “die gat” in die gront. in Afrikaans and in English “ the hole” in the ground.


Afrikaans-style ballroom dancing to country-and-western-style music and 80’s, 90’s and latest hits. We also do song requests.

We try to have a Gat Party once a month, normally the last Saterday of the month.

Hall Floor Plan

Old Parow brickfield (quarry), where the first Gat Party Started in the quarry. Die Gat in die grond / the hole in the ground.

The disused brickfield below the Tygerberg Hills being rehabilitated for development. Today it houses the De Tijger residential estate. And the Parow athletics club.