One year LGBTQIA dance recap.
Many thanks to those of you that supported us over the past 14 months. 12 out of the 14 dances that we held thusfar, were done at a loss, as we did not over our expenses. We need at least 50 tickets to be sold to cover costs. (Hall rental, genarator rental, genarator petrol, equipment and cleaning costs). Costs for set up time, transport and our time as well as provision for repairs in case of equipment failure not catered for). To ensure that a dance did go ahead in the past , after poor tickets sales, we distributed free tickets to get enough people in the hall. At most dances only 25 to 30 tickets were sold. Tickets sales were boosted in the media to get more people to buy tickets. This is an old sales technique, although not truthful, that is used by many.
Hall rental must be paid for on the 13th day of a month. No refund if hall rental is cancelled after the 13th.
If the target ticket sales of 50 is not reached by the 13 of thits month, the dance will be cancelled. Ticket price reimbursement will be done or a credit will cover the price of a ticket for the next dance.